Thursday, April 11, 2013

Article # 463. The Difference between Cardio & Aerobic Exercise

Easy Answer
You can do both at the same time. In fact, you are already doing both at the same time. The terms are interchangeable and the exercises provide the same benefits, although the words stem from different origins.
Aerobic exercise and cardio exercise are the same thing. Both types of exercise achieve the same results: improved fitness by increasing both your oxygen intake and heart rate. You cannot do one without the other, as there is no way you can increase your respiratory rate without also making your heart pump harder and vice versa. Perhaps a less confusing blanket term for both is endurance exercise, as both aerobic and cardio exercises increase your endurance level.
Technical Answer
If you want to get technical about the terms, they do have different etymologies and definitions, even though the two types of exercise achieve the same results. Aerobic refers to oxygen intake, with the term "aerobic" stemming from the Greek "with oxygen." Cardio refers to your heart, stemming from the Latin "cor" and Greek "kardia." Thus aerobic exercise is defined as exercise that promotes a greater oxygen intake and cardio exercise is exercise that promotes a greater heart rate. You cannot have one without the other.

What It Is
If you're still not convinced cardio and aerobic exercises are one in the same, check out some examples. Swimming, jogging, running, walking, dancing, bicycling, playing tennis and other activities that keep you moving for a sustained period provide an aerobic and cardio workout. The intensity and duration of each determines how much of a workout you'll receive.
What It Is Not
On the flip side of the mat, so to speak, you have workouts that are not considered aerobic or cardio exercises. Although some training will give you a quick burst of oxygen or briefly raise your heart rate, the activities are not sustained enough to qualify. These include weight lifting and other strength training, yoga and other flexibility training, speed training and resilience training. Such activities improve your overall fitness in ways aerobic and cardio exercises do not, but they do nothing to increase your endurance.


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