Monday, April 8, 2013

Article # 456. Gym Ethics

In recent times we could find lot of people hitting to gym’s and health clubs to stay healthy and fit. This ethics below can help people to keep motivated since other people in the gym are also trying to reach the same Fitness goal.

Just like in any other place, there are unspoken rules or Gym Ethics that everyone should follow when going to the gym. These guidelines are simple and yet there are some who neglect them. For safety purposes and to have a harmonious relationship with like-minded people in the gym, keep these tips in mind:
·         Safety is always a primary consideration. All gyms can be potentially dangerous. If you are mindless and inattentive, intoxicated (drugs or alcohol) your chance of hurting yourself, worse, hurting others, is a very high possibility. Never lose your concentration, always stay alert.
·         Wear clean and appropriate Gym Clothes. It is important to keep yourself clean at all times. Since you will be sweating a lot, make sure to bring a towel.
·         Use a towel to clean all pieces of gym equipment after you use them.
·         Put the weights, Dumbbells, and Barbells on their proper places. This can help avoid certain accidents such as tripping over weights that are not placed on the right places.
·         Keep your voice down. Bear in mind that other people want to concentrate on what they are doing.
·         Respect other people's personal space.
·         Be considerate of others. Never criticize and do not interrupt others especially when they are lifting weights. If all the machines are being used and you have been using one for quite a while, give someone else a chance to use the machine. Also, it is better to avoid giving unsolicited advice. Ask first if there is anything that you can help him/her with.
·         Be friendly to the staff and other people in the gym.
·         Avoid cell phones inside the gym, which will surely interrupt your work out and your neighbours as well.
·         Never become needlessly angry, remember, those who anger easily lose courage at important moments. Do not show your strength without good purpose. Energy without consciousness is violence.
·         Never start your work outs without warm-up and proper stretches

Follow the do's and don'ts in a gym so other people will not get annoyed because of your bad behaviour. Even if the gym does not place reminders of what you should and should not do, be sensitive to others so everyone can have a pleasant experience while shedding those unwanted pounds or building muscle.