Friday, April 5, 2013

Article # 455. The Top 10 Sources of Vitamin C

If you find yourself checking out the nutritional chart on every product you purchase to ensure you and your family are getting the proper nutrients, don’t feel strange. It is very important to get the right vitamin intake every day and unfortunately not every product on the market supplies the demand. One of the most essential vitamins our bodies need every day is Vitamin C, or L-ascorbic acid. This vital vitamin can be found in a variety of food sources.
Vitamin C can help your body in the following areas:·         
·         Healthy Blood Vessels
·         Healthier Skin
·         Valuable Hormonal Nutrients
·         Potent Antioxidant
·         Can reduce Oxidative Stress
·         Strengthen Immune System
·         Assist in Iron Absorption
·         Aid in Scar Tissue Growth
·         Could even reduce cancer rate

Now that we know what Vitamin C can do for us, we need to determine the Top 10 Sources to find the Vitamin. Some of these sources may surprise you and you may not like a few of them at all. However, if you can find a way to include them in your daily diet your body will thank you again and again. Here are the ten top sources of Vitamin C:
1. Hot Chili Peppers – This is a hard sell for some people, but if you can find a way to add a little zip to your diet with red or green chili peppers you will be getting the most potent dose of Vitamin C on the globe, which is over 400% of a 100 gram portion.
2. Guava – This is another hard sell for some picky eaters who don’t want to pay the price to get these fruits, but they offer 350% of Vitamin C for a 100 gram portion and that is not to hard to take.
3. Thyme – This herb can be used to season many types of food and delivers 260% of your needed Vitamin C intake per a 100 gram portion.
4. Bell Peppers – This source is a little more reasonable to some because it can be used in so many dishes. Keep in mind that if you want enhanced Vitamin C in your bell pepper than pick one that is a bit more yellow. You can expect 200% of Vitamin C in a 100 gram portion.
5. Kale – The closest some people get to kale is when they see it being used for decoration around salad bars, but this dark green leaf food offers 200% of the Vitamin C you need.
6. Kiwi – Great fruit and not as sweet as some. Kiwi offers 150% of the Vitamin C you need, and is great for salads, or just to eat on the run.
7. Broccoli – Some people love broccoli and some don’t, but this little green veggie provides 150% of your daily intake of Vitamin C.
8. Oranges – When most people think about Vitamin C they think of citrus fruits. It is a good source and offers around 98% per 100 gram serving.
9. Papaya – Not everyone can afford papaya on a daily basis, but this fruit provides 100% per 100 gram portion.
10. Strawberries – Many people love strawberries and you can’t go wrong with this Vitamin C source. This fruit provides 100% of your daily need and is easy to eat on the run or in many fruit or dessert dishes.
Of course you will find Vitamin C in other sources as well, but you can get plenty of these vitamins in the 10 sources listed above. The important thing is to get your recommended daily allowance of Vitamin C each and every day.