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Article # 407. How to Create an Anti – Hair Loss Nutrition Diet

How to Create an Anti – Hair Loss Nutrition Diet
You are what you eat!
Food is one of the most important aspects of enjoying life. People’s lives are based on the satisfaction of great food they eat. Eating good food is important but I will tell you about eating great food healthily and things you need to know about anti – hair loss nutrition.
Nutritional deficiencies can increase hair shedding by
·         weakening hair shafts
·         cause hair breakage
·         slower hair growth
·         malnourished looking hair
Lack of a proper nutritional diet is a main source for your hair problems. No hair loss medications can work effectively if your body is unhealthy and filled with toxins. Correct it by adjusting to a proper diet. Add these anti – hair loss nutritional food to your regular meals and you can benefit from it.
It’s all about compromising
A hair nutritional diet does not mean transforming your life. Life is full of compromises. When you give some, you take some. You have to be persistent when it comes to curing hair loss. There are plenty of delicious food that are equally as good that gives you all the nutrients you need!
Firstly, make sure you have proper eating habits and managing stress well. If you are under stress, your body is unable to absorb the nutrients efficiently. There is no point to eat healthily if you can’t reap the benefits from it. Follow proper eating habits and reduce stress should always be first priority before adapting to an anti – hair loss nutritional diet.

The Anti – Hair Loss Nutrition Diet
Small Things Have Huge Surprises
Take eggs, they are the ultimate anti – hair loss nutritional money bags. A single egg provides important source of nutrition that your hair needs.
Two eggs a day keeps your hair loss at bay! A single egg provides you
·         Vitamin A
·         Vitamin B6
·         Vitamin B12
·         Vitamin E
·         Biotin
·         Copper
·         Iron
·         Zinc
·         Protein
·         Folic Acid
All these vitamins and minerals are hair stimulating nourishments. Take 2 eggs in addition to your normal breakfast is a good way in preventing hair loss. However, try to go easy on the salt and pepper as they can alleviate hair loss. Don’t over consume though as too much of anything is bad for health! Also remember, breakfast is the most important meal of the day!
Vitamin C
Although Eggs is a very good anti – hair loss nutritional food, it lacks Vitamin C. For smokers, you will need to take twice the amount of Vitamin C compare to non smokers. So during your other meals, try to get food high in vitamin C like fresh fruits, and vegetables.
If you are a carnivore, make yourself take a good portion of vegetables in your meals. Vitamin C is essential as it promotes skin and hair health. It is also a good antioxidant which can destroy free radicals in your body and helps in reducing stress. If possible, make sure your every meal should have some greens in it. Blackcurrants are one of the best sources of Vitamin C!
Remember not to overcook the vegetables as it may destroy all the essential vitamins in it. I suggest washing and simmering it in hot water for about a minute is the best.
Take it easy on the Salt
Salt is one of the most important ingredient in our diet. Salt is crucial to keep your body’s water balanced and acts as useful electrolytes that helps replenish your body’s nutrients. However, when there is too much salt in your diet, your kidneys and liver have to work overtime, thus taxing the body’s immune and digestive system. And what do all these cause?
Physical stress to your body and stress affects hair loss.
Most people don’t know the fact that their urban diet comes high in salt or sodium addictives like Mono Sodium Glutamate (MSG). Diets low in salt contributes to weight loss by discouraging water retention, and weight loss itself can lower blood pressure.
I Need Caffine?
To a lot of people, a regular cup of coffee is a must every morning to keep going. They are addicted to it and without it, it can totally ruin their work performance for the whole day. Coffee is an addictive because it contains caffeine and this is what that boosts your system. Caffeine sets on your system’s afterburners but after the effects wear off, you will feel much more tired than before. Too much caffeine will lead to
·         Blood circulation problems
·         Sleeplessness
·         Irregular heartbeats
·         Dependency
I need coffee too, it kinds of keep me going and staying alert every day. However, I compromised. I cut down on the sugar, in fact I don’t use sugar at all! Try getting used to Green Tea, it cuts down the fat and also the additional unneeded calories. I guess that’s enough sin that you are allowed for taking coffee daily.
The Most Essential of all
Water is the only drink for wise man!
Water is the source of life and is very important for the hair as one forth of its weight is water. Moisture makes your hair strong and keeps it shiny and silky. Eight to ten glasses are of pure water are very important for nourishing your hair and body as well.
For Sweet Tooth
Everyone knows that too much sugar is bad for health. Taking too much can cause diabetes and heart diseases but how many people can stop craving for chocolates and ice cream? Most people can’t, so don’t.
It’s good to enjoy quality food in your life or else it would be meaningless. However take it occassionally and only in a small portion. If you want ice cream for dinner, then make sure that there won’t be chocolates, sweets or soft drinks. Self dicipline is important. Replace all your soft drinks with sugar free fruit juices instead. Fruit juices are a good source of vitamins and they are sweet enough on its own. A good way to get the nutrients you need for hair loss.
Fall in Love with the Seas
The sea covers 70% of our earth’s land mass and has the huge supply of one of the best food around. Fish is one of the best anti – hair loss nutrition food available. It’s a good source of
·         Vitamins A
·         Vitamins Bs
·         Essential Fats like Omega 3
·         Protein
Fish is Japan’s staple diet and its population has the longest life expectancy in the world even though they are the most stressed out people on the planet. It’s wise to learn from statistics. Add more steamed, oven grilled, or raw fish to your anti – hair loss nutritional diet but don’t deep fry them because you will destroy all the nutrients.

Foods to Avoid
Too much red meats and fried foods contain harmful substances that can affect general health, which is reflected in your hair appearance. Anything that you deep fried will destroy its essential nutrients but all the bad fat still remains. Processed food are also laden with
·         Preservatives
·         Colorings
·         Flavorings
Too much of junk food can lead to medical conditions like
·         High blood pressure
·         Heart diseases
·         Diabetes
·         Hypertension
Diseases exert tremendous body stress and directly impact your hair’s health.
Most people know this. It’s just sometimes a bit hard to control the crave. What you can do is to slowly switch to adapt. Add more and more greens to your meals each day and instead of frying, you can try grilling as it will get rid of the fat.
Remember, an anti – hair loss nutritional diet is a crucial step in curing hair loss and how you treat your body is what you going to receive in return. Keep it healthy and stress free!


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