Friday, February 15, 2013

Article # 311. Are You Over Exercising?

We all know that a steady fitness routine is paramount when it comes to maintaining optimal health and a slim physique, but is it possible to exercise too much?  Your body needs appropriate time to rest in between workouts in order for your muscles to repair themselves and build up.  Exercising too frequently can cause pulled muscles, fractures, arthritis, excessive bruising, dehydration, insomnia, depression and fatigue.  Some of the other symptoms include the following.

·  Feeling tired and lacking energy
·  Persistent muscle soreness
·  Difficulty sleeping
·  Increased resting heart rate
·  Headaches
·  Irritability
·  Loss of motivation
·  Depression
·  Decreased appetite
·  Increased incidence of injury
·  Increased susceptibility to infections or illness

As a general rule of thumb, each week you should not exercise more than 30 minutes to one hour, 6 times per week. You should also try not to burn more than 3,500 calories per week.  This should prevent you from experiencing any negative side effects related to over exercising.


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