Thursday, February 14, 2013

Article # 303. Diet Tricks for Busy Girls

Today’s modern woman is busy juggling her career, social life, and fitness regime and in all of this, sometimes her diet takes a backseat. Although she wants to look picture perfect all the time, the busy lifestyle gets in her way. So here are four easy diet tips that can keep women like us super charged through the day and shed a few pounds, while on the run.

Tip#1: Stick to 1600 calories to 1700 Calories a day, divided over 4 to 5 mini meal. Research shows that eating mini meals every two to three hours can actually help you loose weight and stay energized. To stick to your calorie count for the day try these smart meal options:

• Mix up a 400-calorie breakfast treat with any low fat yogurt, and two tablespoons of whole grain and high-fiber cereal like Kashi Golean Crunch. Throw in some berries to pump up the health factor.
• Steam up a Healthy Choice frozen meal for an under 500-calorie to 600- calorie lunch, complete with veggies and lean meat.
• Snack on individually portioned treats like Organic 100-Calorie Mini Cookies or Almond Bars.

Tip#2: Incorporate plenty of magnesium-rich food in your diet like spinach, black beans, ground flaxseed, scallops, tuna, almonds, cashews, and brown rice. This star nutrient is key to building muscle tone.

Tip#3:Drink 8 to 10 glasses of cold water everyday and let your digestive system burn an extra 50 calorie per day while warming it to room temperature. This simple H20 trick is by far our favorite discovery!

Tip#4: When your calendar gets busy with dinner plans remember to take small bites and enjoy your meal slowly. Choose your indulgence wisely for the evening with no more than a single calorie-loader like wine, bread or dessert. And the best smart girl move you can make is by sharing your entrée with your friend or a date.

These little changes to your everyday diet and dining-out style, will put you on your way to weight loss heaven even on a busy schedule.


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