Thursday, February 14, 2013

Article # 299. Protect Against Summer Health Hazards

Summer temperatures trigger many health woes from headaches, fainting spells and hidden hazards from the sun’s glare to breeding harmful bacterias that can surreptitiously attack your nervous system to kidneys. Here’s a quick list of the scary summer health hazards and strategies to nip them in the bud:

Skin Scrapes: Summers weather brings in exposed toes, bare skin and frequent trips to the beach, with it the chances of minor skin scrapes. When that happens, don’t blow it off just because you didn’t see the skin rupture or blood oozing out. It is possible that tenanus bacteria snuck into the wound and if allowed to thrive this can lead to nervous system problems, paralysis and ultimately death. So remember to stay updated on tetanus booster shots and incase you get a scrape, flush with lots of water, then slap on a bandage and antibiotic cream. Treat your skin scrapes with caution to ward off dangerous consequences!

Rising headaches: Did you know that everytime the temperature soars by 9 degrees, your chances of getting a headache escalates by 8 percent? According to scientific research conducted by experts at Beth Israel, this happens because the blood vessels in your skull swell up and press against the skull as the temperature increases. The fix is drinking large quantities of water, staying in the shade and wearing sunglasses while stepping out in the sun.

Fainting dizzies: Feeling dizzy or faint is common in the sweltering summer heat and this is more likely after a rigorous workout. A bad case of this can lead to a heat stroke. These conditions result from an abnormal increase in the body’s core temperature where the body’s heat coping mechanism sends warm blood to the skin surface and saps the brain’s supply. Drinking lots of water to prevent dehydration is a must when you step outside and if you experience a severe case of nausea or vomiting, meet your doctor.

Sun glare: Sunglasses that don’t prevent both UVA and UVB light from reaching your eyes, cause your pupils to dilate in the sun leading to cataract and other forms eye damage. Seek out labels that indicate UVA and UVB protection—and don’t bother buying a pair that doesn’t block at least 99 percent of both, be it a high-end brand or a knock-off. And remember to wear them every time you are out in the sun.

Skin flushing and hives: From rosacea to hives, summer weather brings out the worst in your skin condition. So if you have any known sensitivities take extra precaution to stay cool and drink lots of fluids.

Whatever your health problems are, remember that drinking water and staying hydrated can fix 90% of them !!


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