Thursday, February 14, 2013

Article # 298. Staying Fit In The Summer Heat

The worst of the summers are upon us and the heat waves sweeping across the country makes outdoor workouts and other fitness pursuits like cycling and jogging next to impossible. The heat forces us to take it easy on ourselves and bring down the intensity of our workouts a notch to prevent heatstroke and other hot weather illnesses. While we have the one option of switching our workouts indoors, we look for more creative ways to keep our summer workouts extra fun, cooling and safe.

Here’re some you can try:

Yoga stretches in the morning: On really hot summer days, it’s best to wake up extra early and squeeze in a yoga session before the scorcher sets in. The easy pace of yoga hits the right notes when it comes to intensity and is guaranteed to keep you energized. Also the breathing exercises have a calming affect on your body that it working extra hard to beat the summer heat.

Swimming had to be one of  top choices for summer fitness being a 300+ calorie burner every 30 minutes and giving us a much-needed full body workout without having to break a sweat. Alternate with different strokes and squeeze in some poolside stretches and push-ups to compete your routine.

Pick up a racket for a session of squash or racquetball. Typically played indoors in air-conditioned settings, these are known for being running sports totaling a 300-calorie burn and 3/4th mile run in 30 minutes. You don’t have to huff and puff around the park anymore in the summer heat.
Get fit and stay cool with these summer weather workouts.