Thursday, February 14, 2013

Article # 297. 5 Tips To Keep the Weight odd All Year Round

Have you ever encountered a situation where the scale gets stuck at a certain number, and inspite of following all the best-known diet and exercise advise your weight-loss gets stuck in a rut? Well the good news is that this is part and parcel of most weight-loss plans, as our bodies get used to a certain routine especially after a few months, and then refuses to shed weight further. So here are some tips to help you leap across the inevitable weight-loss plateau and get that scale moving again…

Tip#1 Cut back 200 calories: As you grow lighter, your body’s calorie requirements go down as well so every few months trim at least 200 calories from your diet, to maintain your new size. Within 2 weeks you should be seeing that needle move. If that doesn’t happen then your calorie counting or portion sizes might be off, which means that you have to better measure your portion sizes and inspect the food labels.

Tip#2 Step up your workouts: Switch your workout from time-to-time to ensure that your body builds new fat burning muscles and doesn’t get stuck in a rut. More lean muscles mean higher is the metabolism of you body so pump some iron. Try and start with some ankle weights and curls with your dumb-bells and as you build some muscle tone that scale is guaranteed to move in 4-6 weeks.

Tip#3 Add some fiber and protein to your diet: Adding some extra fiber to your diet helps you feel fuller, longer and keeps your digestive system in good health to ensure that you consume fewer empty calories and the adequate nutrients are absorbed and made available to you. Additional fiber in your diet is especially helpful when you hit a plateau along with some protein supplements that further aids your weight-loss as breaking down protein in your body in a higher calorie consuming process.

Tip #4: Re-focus on your discipline: It is good to cut yourself some slack once a week and eat some ‘bad food’ but closely watch your eating habits…are you stress eating or falling into a mindless munching trap? Are you making bad choices with high fat and high-calories foods instead of its leaner counterparts? Anyway you doing a backward slide after a few good months or falling into endless drinking and noshing traps on the weekends? Refocusing will ensure that you are actually sticking to your plan.

Tip#5: Incorporate a cleanse: A detox routine sets your body up to achieve maximum weight-loss by ensuring that the body is functioning and burning food at its maximum potential. Also the colon cleanse can be important to help you cross a weight-loss plateau and removing related obstructions in food digestion and metabolism.
Whatever steps you take it is important to not get discouraged. Enjoy the weight-loss you have achieved, your new body and your new look. Make sure that you are on a nutritionally balanced meal plan as you go about your weight-loss and with these tricks you won’t see the scale stuck for long.


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