Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Article # 257. Reduce Thyroid Problems Naturally

Reduce Thyroid Problems Naturally by Erika V. Cox (Contributor)
Thyroid problems happen to many of us. The symptoms may include overweight and the difficulty to lose weight, sluggishness in the morning, cold hands and feet all the time, constipation, and trouble concentrating. All of these symptoms can be caused by an underactive thyroid gland called hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland regulates your body temperature, when the thyroid hormones are low your body gets cold. When your body temperature is low, many of the body's energy producing enzymes don't work well and when they don't work well, every organ in your body lacks energy and, therefore, doesn't work well.
Alternative doctors have a few natural treatments that can help reduce thyroid problems. The first treatment you can do to help reduce thyroid problems naturally is to exercise the thyroid gland. To help balance the energy in the throat, where the thyroid gland is located, perform this simple exercise. Lie on your back, relax, and warm your diaphragm. Gently massage your abdominal area for about a minute. Put one hand on your throat and exhale and start making a sound with every exhalation. Imagine that the sound is coming out of your thyroid, do this exercise for 5 to 10 minutes a day to help reduce thyroid problems.

Another natural treatment is to get some sunshine. Try going outside within the first hours of dawn, if it's not too early for you, and look to the sun for ten minutes, of course, don't look directly at the sun. You have to go outside to get enough direct sunlight, looking through the window won't work because glass blocks direct sunlight. Like many health conditions, a change of diet helps to reduce the symptoms of many condition or the condition altogether. Most meat, dairy, and egg products can adversely affect the thyroid balance, so choose organic foods instead to help reduce thyroid problems.
Use a progesterone cream if you have PMS to help reduce thyroid problems. A lack of and enough progesterone can affect the thyroid gland. Follow the directions on the label and start using the cream about two weeks before your menstrual period. Tyrosine helps balance the thyroid gland so take 500 to 1000 mgs of tyrosine for 3 to 6 months. Fatty acids help the production and balance of hormones, which in turn will help reduce thyroid problems. You can take either flaxseed and/or fish oil, or you can eat nuts, certain fish, and seeds to get fatty acids. As a supplement, you can take 3,000-6,000 mgs a day of fatty acids. In cold weather, take a higher dosage. It's okay to take both flaxseed and fish oil at the same time to increase the effectiveness of reducing thyroid problems.


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