Monday, February 4, 2013

Article # 252. Low Carb Diet vs. Low Fat Diet

Low Carb Diet vs. Low Fat Diet
A low carb diet will allow you to lose weight, but when you are considering your options, a low fat diet may also come in question. Many people that want to get rid of excess weight may have a difficult time choosing between a low fat diet and a low carb diet.
Low Carb Diet
There are a number of low carb diets that can be used for weight loss. These diets are based on basic nutrients such as proteins and fats, and will include no or very little amounts of carbs. A low carb diet will give you dramatic results, as you are very likely to lose a lot of weight in a short period of time (as little as two months) without doing any exercise. You will only need to make some changes in the structure of your diet and eliminate the sugary snacks and foods such as pasta or bread. There is a misconception about the low carb diets, namely that these may contain a high amount of fat and this will increase the level of cholesterol, but this is not true.

Low Fat Diet
A low fat diet will focus on reducing the amount of fats. You will be allowed to eat vegetables, fruits and other nutrients, minus fatty foods. The foods consumed should ideally have a low amount of glucose, so that you will be able to lose some weight and have a normal blood sugar. This type of diet allows you to eat high amounts of food, so you won't be hungry all day.
Low Carb vs. Low Fat
A low carb diet will allow you to eat only small amounts of food, considering that fat and proteins have a high caloric intake. On the other hand, a low fat diet will allow you to eat higher quantities of fruits and vegetables, provided these have a low glycemic index. This means that you are likely to be hungry when on a low carb diet, while on a low fat diet you can eat more foods with a lower caloric index.
If looking at the short term results, a low carb diet may give faster results. When the long term results are considered, both the low carb and the low fat diet will give similar results, provided you will keep up the diet. If you are no longer on a diet, you are very likely to gain back the lost weight; if you were on a low carb diet, you will gain back the lost pounds very quickly. If you were on a low fat diet, you are likely to gain back some pounds as well.
The low carb diet is not recommended by physicians, because it may have some long term side effects, as carbs are needed by the human organism just as the other nutrients are. On the other hand, fats are also needed by the body and even for the health of the skin and hair.
The bottom line is that both the low carb and the low fat diets are not recommended as a long term diet, and the best method to lose some weight is to cut down on calories (but maintaining a healthy amount of fats and carbs), plus exercising.