Monday, January 21, 2013

Article # 220. Foods for weight loss - Chapter 2

Are you fed up with diets that don’t work? Your food choice may be to blame! Here's a list of our favourite slimming foods.

Celery – high in fibre and many minerals, this crunchy vegetable is best eaten raw, to slow the release of the nutrients from the rest of your meal. And it contains zero fat.

Quinoa – a seed rather than a grain, the combination of protein and complex carbohydrate in quinoa provides you with energy for several hours after eating.

Avocado – long considered a no-no for traditional dieters, this fruit is higher in protein than most, and supplies ample essential fats, together with a high dose of vitamin E – which is great for reducing stretch marks and wrinkles caused by rapid weight-loss.

Oats – the total superfood for energy, weight-loss and anti-ageing, oats are lower in gluten than wheat, which tends to bung up the digestive system. They provide slow-release energy, and reduce cholesterol.

Chia seeds – the newest kid on the block, nutrient-rich chia seeds add bulk, fibre, protein and essential fats to cereals, smoothies and salads. For a great energy boost and to stave off hunger for longer, soak overnight in water. A 28g serving gives you half your fibre RDA.


 - Don’t cook more than you need for each meal, unless you are planning to use a protein, such as chicken or salmon, in your salad lunch the next day.

- Don’t buy bulk packs of foods to reduce costs – you will never shrink your waistline this way!

- Don’t go back for seconds – stick to the ‘one-plate’ rule.

- Don’t drink alcohol – it’s high in calories and will sabotage your slimming programme from the start.
Avoid alcohol and smoking…

- Don’t embark on a limited food range – your body will quickly rebel, and you’ll find yourself craving inappropriate foods.