Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Article # 201. Benefits of Military Press

Benefits of Military Press

Done either by sitting or standing, the military press provides a good workout for using in developing the upper body. When effectively used, this exercise works the shoulder muscles, while benefiting the legs and abs, which are normally used for assisting to stabilize the body during lifting. Military press exercises can provide the following benefits.

1. Targets deltoid muscles

If you want to target the deltoid muscles present in the shoulders, then performing the military press frequently is the solution. Deltoid muscles are responsible for providing the roundness around the shoulder area. These muscles normally work to push the weight away from the body during the exercise.

2. Strengthens the triceps

The military press also benefits the triceps, specifically in the upward movement. The triceps muscles are worked to a huge extent. Triceps comprise of the lateral head, medial head and long head, which all work collectively so as to extend the arm at the elbow.

3. Stabilizes the spine

Several back muscles usually aid in the military phase exercise. This action works to stabilize the spine and also realign it where necessary. Some of the secondary muscles utilized in this particular lift include rhomboids and trapezius.

4. Prevents injuries

Provided you perform the military press using the correct form, you can easily avoid injuries. It is even better to mix this exercise with other kinds of shoulder workouts like bench press. This prevents injuries that may be caused from overworking a single area of your shoulders.

5. Strengthens the core

Most of the abdominal muscles are utilized in the military press for supporting the torso due the extra weight exerted by the barbell. Through firming up these abdominal muscles, the military press strengthens the core in general.
Performing the military press should be done under the supervision of a gym instructor. Such a person would provide the necessary assistance when you tire or lose your grasp.

How to Military Press Correctly For Wide Shoulders and a Strong Upperbody

The secret is to use your whole body. Just like in the hollow position, you have to tuck your pelvis forward and squeeze your glutes hard. The harder you can squeeze, the more force you can use from the ground, through your statically flexed quads, through the glutes and up towards the upper body and the bar itself.

When your whole body is rock solid from flexing, no force dissipates and you are instantly stronger, without gaining an ounce of muscle.
Note the tucked in pelvis and the torso shifting forward once the bar gets above head level. The key to the exercise is to keep the weight above your center of gravity – the middle of the foot.


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