Monday, November 5, 2012

Article # 16. The Health Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs

The Health Benefits of Eating Boiled Eggs

Eating boiled eggs is one of the best ways to get the health benefits of eggs. Unlike scrambled and fried eggs that necessitate the use of oil or butter during their prep, boiled eggs can be cooked without these fats. Plus, eating boiled eggs allows you to control how much of the yolk you eat to reduce the amount of cholesterol you take in. Once you've bo
iled the egg, simply discard half of the yolk and enjoy it chopped up with some spices or on top or on whole grain toast.

When you eat boiled eggs, you're getting one of the highest quality sources of protein. A single boiled egg supplies around twelve percent of the average person's daily protein requirement in a form that's easily absorbed and readily used by the body. Plus, the average boiled egg only has only eighty calories - making a boiled egg an excellent source of high quality protein for people watching their weight. No wonder body builders eat them by the dozens!

To avoid cholesterol and fat throw away part of the yolk and eat only the egg whites. It gives high protein which helps to build muscles.

An egg is one of the most complete and versatile foods available. It has a valuable role in providing a healthy diet for all and especially bodybuilders. We all know the importance of protein in the muscle building process, without protein, your muscles will simply not grow.

Eggs contain about 6 grams of high quality protein,(4 gms if yolk is removed) so high that it is used as the standard by which other foods are measured. Eggs are also a rich source of vitamins, including A, E and K and a range of B vitamins such as B12 (energy), riboflavin and folic acid. Eggs also contain all eight essential amino acids needed for optimal muscle recovery and building valuable minerals like calcium, zinc and iron.

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