Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Article # 40 Healthy Fluids

Healthy fluids!

According to Monique Ryan, for workouts lasting 1-2 hours and under moderate temperatures, an athlete should consume 60-100 grams of carbohydrate in drink or gel form as these will react the quickest in the body. This will include the drinks you are consuming in the amount of 16-24 ounces per hour. Solid foods require more blood to be shifted from working muscle groups and can lea
d to stomach cramping.

Now, after your workout is time to really pay attention to when and what you are putting in your now finely tuned body. Most of you probably know about the WOO. What you say? You don’t know about the WOO (Window of Opportunity). If you do know about the WOO then pat yourself on the back. The WOO is the first 20-30:00 after a good hard exercise session when your body is most ready to absorb carbohydrates, fluids, vitamins and minerals so you can start rebuilding from the workout and make the workout, you guessed it, a high quality workout. This is the time to start taking in those recovery drinks or something as simple as cereal and milk. 

This will begin the storing process of new carbohydrates so you can start your next training session with most amount of energy. Approximately every two to two and half hours after the WOO it is a good idea to get in small to medium sized meals that are made up of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and low in fats. Using your fist is a good way to judge size for foods. Work on not eating more protein or carbohydrates then the size of your fist and remember to keep the fruits and veggies going in daily. Even more importantly keep the fluids going in for the rest of the day. Alternating water and sports drink will make sure you are ready the next day for another quality session.

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